Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick update and some cute kitties

I'm an awful blogger I know...I'm so sorry for not writing sooner and more frequently. I feel like I hardly have time to breath some days lol. But life is going really well!!! I have had some experiences that I consider Heavenly Fathers tender mercy's for me. One of them being my calling as a primary teacher for the 9 year olds. It's been one of the most trying callings I've ever had, but these kids are amazing and are teaching me every week. He knew where I needed to be and that I needed a calling that gave me time for my family. It looks like we're going to start looking to buy a house too. I don't know how, but I found a program that will help us get a house. it's like heavenly father just put the web site infront of me and said look into this!!! I feel very blessed.

Now onto the important stuff...Sydney did her first day of nursery yesterday!!!! I think she did pretty one brought her out to us so at least she wasn't freaking out. lol. I can't believe that she's 18 months!!! She's finally getting some more teeth too haha she has 4 front teeth on top and her molars are starting to come through (big gap between front teeth and molars) and 3 teeth in the front bottom and her bottom molars are just starting to barely cut through. so she kinda has 11 teeth alaura had 16 teeth at 12 months!!! She still has trouble chewing hard foods. She's starting to talk alot too!!! She's acting like a big girl!
Alaura is obsessed with being a ballerina. She wants to take ballet classes because it the pretty kind of dancing and the other kind of dancing isn't her thing LOL Looks like I'll be teaching preschool to her on my own this year, because we're trying to find ways to cut back on our budget to help with a house payment. I'm ok with it though because this is the last year before she starts school 5 days a week so I'll enjoy her while i can.
I got a gym membership too!!! I started at Body exchange but moved over to In Shape City. I LOVE it. I went through withdrawls this weekend when I couldn't make it :) The girls do the child care while I work out. Alaura LOVES it but Syd is less convinced of the awesomeness!!! We'll get there though. Also looks like we wont be making it to Utah for the Twede reunion this summer :( But we're hoping to make it there later this year. I'm really bummed but there are just too many things keeping us from going. We've prayed about it and feel ok about the decision. I'm very sad but it's ok.

I'm going to try taking pics of the girls again soon to post till then here a a couple silly ones of the girls and Leyna being kitties :)


I like hoding my shoes not wearing them!!!

Syd has to be front and center!!! :)
Alaura dressed herself...tights in 100 degree weather!!!!!

I'm not sure what they're looking at, but it's not me!!!


The Liddells said...

I can't believe how big they all are! That's so fun. I wish I was there to see them:(

That's exciting about a house. Good luck!

Gwen said...

Golly the girls are all getting so big! Time just goes by to fast. Hope you will be able to come to Utah sometime this year. We love you

Merrimom said...

Brooke, they are so darn cute!!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..