Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick update and some cute kitties

I'm an awful blogger I know...I'm so sorry for not writing sooner and more frequently. I feel like I hardly have time to breath some days lol. But life is going really well!!! I have had some experiences that I consider Heavenly Fathers tender mercy's for me. One of them being my calling as a primary teacher for the 9 year olds. It's been one of the most trying callings I've ever had, but these kids are amazing and are teaching me every week. He knew where I needed to be and that I needed a calling that gave me time for my family. It looks like we're going to start looking to buy a house too. I don't know how, but I found a program that will help us get a house. it's like heavenly father just put the web site infront of me and said look into this!!! I feel very blessed.

Now onto the important stuff...Sydney did her first day of nursery yesterday!!!! I think she did pretty one brought her out to us so at least she wasn't freaking out. lol. I can't believe that she's 18 months!!! She's finally getting some more teeth too haha she has 4 front teeth on top and her molars are starting to come through (big gap between front teeth and molars) and 3 teeth in the front bottom and her bottom molars are just starting to barely cut through. so she kinda has 11 teeth alaura had 16 teeth at 12 months!!! She still has trouble chewing hard foods. She's starting to talk alot too!!! She's acting like a big girl!
Alaura is obsessed with being a ballerina. She wants to take ballet classes because it the pretty kind of dancing and the other kind of dancing isn't her thing LOL Looks like I'll be teaching preschool to her on my own this year, because we're trying to find ways to cut back on our budget to help with a house payment. I'm ok with it though because this is the last year before she starts school 5 days a week so I'll enjoy her while i can.
I got a gym membership too!!! I started at Body exchange but moved over to In Shape City. I LOVE it. I went through withdrawls this weekend when I couldn't make it :) The girls do the child care while I work out. Alaura LOVES it but Syd is less convinced of the awesomeness!!! We'll get there though. Also looks like we wont be making it to Utah for the Twede reunion this summer :( But we're hoping to make it there later this year. I'm really bummed but there are just too many things keeping us from going. We've prayed about it and feel ok about the decision. I'm very sad but it's ok.

I'm going to try taking pics of the girls again soon to post till then here a a couple silly ones of the girls and Leyna being kitties :)


I like hoding my shoes not wearing them!!!

Syd has to be front and center!!! :)
Alaura dressed herself...tights in 100 degree weather!!!!!

I'm not sure what they're looking at, but it's not me!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Alaura- Brrr mom I'm cold!
Me- You're cold? Go get a blankie.
Alaura- I need to go swimming, the water should be warm by now.

Alaura in the car- brr mom I'm so cold...I'm as cold as a chicken.
Me- As cold as a chicken huh?
Alaura- Ya chickens are always cold.

Alaura- You put on a dress and a crown walk on the flowers and say words then you're married after you dance. The Anniversary is where you eat after.

Alaura- This is the side of the bed for girls and that side is for the boys.
Syd lays on the "boy side"
Alaura- I guess she just wants boy germs. The middle is the kid spot so I'll stay here.

My parents drove in to town from Utah, all morning alaura kept bugging me about how much longer it was going to be.
Alaura- When are they going to be here?
Me- soon
Alaura- But when? Are they done driving in the Utah mountains?
Me- Ya, I think they're in the California mountains now.
Alaura-OK good at least they're in California finally
A while later
Alaura-How much longer now?
Me- I don't know why don't you call them and find out
She calls. after hanging up:
Alaura- 10 min. Set the timer for 10 min and when it goes off they better be here!!!

She's so spunky!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A terrible horrible no good very bad birthday!!!

Alaura's 4th Birthday was Thursday!!! Unluckily she had the stomach flu. It all started Tuesday when I picked her up from preschool, her teacher told me that she had been acting under the weather all day. We got home and she slept most of the afternoon while I tried to get ready for Camie's Baby shower at my house that evening. Sydney had a bad cold and was being very clingy, and I was wondering how in the world I was going to get everything ready!!! About an hour before the shower started Alaura started complaining that her tummy hurt, then threw up all over the couch and rug in the living room...where we were having the shower in an hour!!!!! Poor baby was laying on her back when she threw up and it was in her eyes up her nose and all through her hair. Eric grabbed her and tried to keep as much as possible off the couch. After giving her a bath and back into pajamas he took her out to get some saltine crackers and things to settle her tummy while also keeping her away from the guests at the shower. We warned all of them and they chose to stay...I sure hope no one gets sick.
That night she threw up a few more times. Wednesday we kept her on clear fluids and she seemed to be getting over it. But that night she woke up throwing up again. By morning she was dry heaving and throwing up bile. Unluckily this was her birthday and it just got worse. She hadn't actually eaten anything since Monday evening and starting to get really weak. She kept crying and telling me that her whole body was so thirsty. I tried to get her to sip water a teaspoon at a time but she kept throwing it back up. by 3:00 I was really getting scared. She kept falling asleep and I couldn't get her to wake up very well. So, I called the Dr and they had us come in at 6:30, I had a feeling they would need to do an IV to get some fluids in her but figured that it wouldn't be more than a couple hours so I told Eric to come and just bring Sydney with us.
We got there and got in pretty quick. When the nurse weighed alaura she had lost a little over 4 lbs!!! That's 10 % of her body weight and she was looking thinner and soooooo pale. The dr saw us and agreed that she needed and IV. Alaura was not happy at all about having to be poked!!! She kept holding her arm and saying "ow ow oooowww!!! I don't want a shot!!! Owwwey!!" Keep in mind that they hadn't even touched her yet. So around 7:30 the nurses were ready to start the IV.
I layed down in the bed with her and wrapped my my legs around her and held her down in a way that seemed like we were cuddling. It took them a while to find the vein they wanted to use. Poor baby was really worked up and crying and trying to flail around. Unluckily they couldn't get it in and when they finally did it busted and they had to start over. :( She got braver the second time. They moved to the other arm on her hand. Eric and Sydney were standing next to us and Eric had Alaura squeeze his finger with her free hand as hard as she could...this seemed to distract her a little while they moved the needle around trying to get it in...unluckily she has my veins which means that they roll, disappear and break like crazy. I never leave without bruises all over me either. So they had to start for a third time, She was getting angry by this point and telling the nurses to stop poking her. They tried the arm of the hand they had just tried. She squeezed my hand and talked to me while they worked on her, unluckily the third time was not a charm. SO they gave up and gave her a shot. 20 minutes later they gave her a pedi-pop and then the lab came in to poke her again to get blood to see how dehydrated she was.
This picture is of alaura getting her blood drawn...she was much happier with the popcicle LOL
After getting the butterfly needle in, the original nurse decided that they would run the IV fluids through the butterfly needle. They stabilized her arm and taped it straight so the needle wouldn't poke back through. She had to keep her arm straight like that for a few hours.
Syd got a pedi pop too!!! She would not fall was midnight before we left and she fell asleep. ( she still woke up at 6:00 the next morning too)
Once the Dr got the lab results back from the blood and urine tests she wanted to have her transported to a hospital to get fluids through the night, unluckily the needle in her arm was not something she could be transported with, they would have to remove it then redo it again at the hospital...I don't think she would have handled that very well so we asked to keep her hooked up as long as possible and have her re evaluated at midnight before making the final decision.
By this point Alaura was very tired and grumpy. She kept getting woken up and they made her move to the adult holding area which she didn't like. She got pretty mad at the nurses. She told one to "just get out of here and leave me alone!!!" She kept saying " This is the worst check up ever" and "This is the worst Dr ever" among other things.

We had a different dr check us out and she felt that alaura was fine to go home and return first thing the following morning. They sent us home with a prescription for some anti nausea medication that we picked up at midnight on our way home. Needless to say it was a horrible birthday. The next morning she ate a little bit, kept down water and Gatorade and got thumbs up from the dr. She kept saying "please don't poke me again, no more shots." When we left she said "mom this was a good check up!!! No shots!!!"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Birthday Pictures...

I finally got Sydney's first birthday pics done!!! These are unedited, but I think they're still cute!!! I'll edit them and repost them later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It was a beautiful sunny day today. After being sick for a week it was great to go outside and play!!! Here are some pictures of my beautiful girls. They love eachother so much!!!!

Sweet Sydney!!!

Look at that big girl standing!!!

Beautiful Alaura!!

Sydney Brooke Olsen (this post isn't finished lol)

My baby is one!!!! I can't believe it!!! We celebrated her birthday at home with 40 of our closest friends and family! LOL It was a blast!

Let me tell you about my little monkey!!!
She is 21lbs and 29 inches (both are in the 50th percentile)
Syd doesn't like to talk if you ask her to or if she knows people are listening lol But i'm always listening. Here's a list of what I've heard her say when she didn't know...

Alaura (Awa)
Baby (baba)
Bath (ba)
Ball (ba)
Bye bye
Goat (most animals are goat)

Ooooo (not really a word I know but she says it all the time lol)

She also knows:

She comprehends pretty much anything we say to her and answers yes and no questions. She is a girl of few words yet comunicates very well LOL Its funny to see.

As of her first birthday she isn't walking yet but we know she's very close to doing it. The moment she decides she's ready she'll do it. Syd know's what she wants and when she wants it! And she is not afraid to let you know!!! I love her so much. Her and Alaura have so much fun together. I don't think there is anything as amazing as watch my girls play together (except maybe watching them try to wrestle Daddy) they love eachother so much!! They fight like cats and Dogs but they are also best friends!! I can't imagine our lives without Sydney!!! It feels like she's always been a part of it!

Happy New Years!!!!

We have such an amazing group of friends!!! It was so fun having everyone over here for new Years Eve! We ate lots of good food, laughed lots lit fire works and I backed into our friends car!!! What a way to end one of the toughest years of our lives!!! 2010 is going to be so much better I KNOW IT!!!!

Pictures to come soon